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I Missed You Before I Met You

I’ve missed you since I was born
I knew you were out there
Playing in your crib
Romping through your yard
Dancing at your prom
Getting your first job
Struggling in your life

I’ve missed you in every song that croons about…
A love beyond compare
Sadness of another failed relationship
Soaring emotions too high to find
A magnificent emotional connection
A transcendent kiss
A love that will last a lifetime

I missed you in every dream of…
Otherworldly beauty
Kindness of thought and deed
Romantic liaison,
Playful relationship
Laughter and freedom to be as we wish in this world

Ive missed you since the day I was born
I longed for a love that knows completion
I’ve searched for the woman who haunts my heart
The woman who strolls my inner self
The hole in my life that you fill completely

How could I ever not miss you, even for an hour
When you deliver hope and peace and joy in a moment
How could I ever not miss you
When my heart aches for your touch even in the dullest of moments.
How could I ever not miss you
When I know it could be days without you in my sight

I missed you before I met you
I knew you were always there
I missed you before I met you
I knew we owned love to share

I missed you before I met you
We were meant to be in love
I missed you before I met you
We met in every song of love

We met in The Look of Love
We met in As Time Goes By
We met in the lilting Songbird
We met in You are the Sunshine of My Life

We met in every sultry tune
We met in every midnight moon
We met in every soft, cradled sigh
We met in every tearful goodbye

But now we hold each others’ hand
We make our music without a band
We meet in glances and in song
We meet each day, we can’t go wrong

Our love is greater than ourselves
Our story would fill a billion shelves
Our love will live and shine so bright
Our love will fill the darkest night

I missed you before I met you
Before I found what love can be
I’m glad I’ll never again be without you
We’re the Usses, just you and me