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handinhandwiththesunLove Smiles

When she rattles your cage with rusted swords
When she screams for your ears with crusted words
When she raids your dreams with pillage and plunder
The smile on your face leads no one to wonder
Why you marched out of hell from the saber-shod warden
Why you smile into your pillow in silence
Why your dreams shifted gears to a much higher power
Than a loathsome, poor-little-me, victim driven, maniacal excuse
Of treacherousness  wrought on good and upstanding folk
Of emotional core sickness, cancer-ridden
A rotten shell of putrid impassioned bile that understands no way out
To the glorious freedom you now enjoy.

It is then, in that moment of clarity and release
That you realize the pathetic weakness
Masks nothing more than the abject cowardice
Of a bully unfulfilled.

Love lilts as freedom on the breeze
love holds hands and seals the deal.
Love heals the horrid, BSS wounds
Love offers peace from someone else’s pathetic hatred of themselves
Which, for some disgusting reason, had to be perpetrated on you.

Love lifts.
Love holds firm.
Love frees.
Love affirms.
Love smiles.
Love winks.
Love travels a lifetime
Love makes you think.
Love handles strife.
Love melds two souls
Love defines good life
Love returns you whole.