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Clock HandsWhat If…

What if she never saw me again?
A truck. A bomb. A heart attack.
What if our eyes never sparked back and forth once more?
Would she know my love?

Would she realize my thoughts drifted to her
Minute by minute breezes of time
Tickling my heart, my soul, my joy
Picturing her smile, her gentleness, her femininity.

Would she remember my devotion
Constant and true and unwavering
Storms and attacks notwithstanding
My desire focused on lives lived out in peace.

Would she cherish my existence in her life
As someone who deeply loved and was willing to give himself
Completely, selflessly, lovningly
Hail her as Princess of the land of Beautiful.

No day should pass that these answers would be negative
No day should pass that she would not know
My life stands a joyous monument to the discovery
Love indeed exists, thrives, thrills, and caresses.

May your life find joy and peace in love
May you kindle the embers which cause love to billow
To flame, to burn, to warm and light your way
Make sure she understands all this and more each day