hThings occur to me.

Out of the blue I get insights.

Once in a while I write them down.

Like now. The statements above come across banal. They stand true of most everyone, especially writers, painters, sculptors, etc. The trick as a writer, from my perspective, is to increase the number of efforts to sit and write as opposed to allowing other aspects of living intrude. Creativity could care less whether you send your work into the world or it dies a meaningless death in your heart and soul. Creativity will push you to use her, but she won’t actually do anything if you ignore her.

Ok, she will haunt you with thoughts, perceptions, feelings of loss from what you MAY have been able to accomplish in this world, but we live with thousands of those types of demons, don’t we? That person we did not speak to even though our attraction was palpable. That job we shied away from because we undervalued ourselves. That solution we could have offered in class/meeting/conversation we passed on articulating.

False evidence appearing real only in our minds stalemates creativity. Once taken out of motion, creativity disintegrates into unsubstantial mist, the proverbial POOF! and she’s off. We’ve been told/shown/admonished/disciplined/berated/cajoled/etc to “do the right thing” by someone else’s standards and deny our creative selves in the interest of productivity and a host of responsibilities.

I’m not suggesting we abandon all good sense and run willy nilly to creative tasks, although one may just find more peace in that arena than at first blush makes itself known. I AM suggesting we step out and ride the tiger more often than we do. Slip into your creativity. Allow yourself some play time. No, don’t ALLOW, give yourself tacit permission to play. Make this a command if must be. Free your life from what others attempt to shape it into.

Death. Mayhem. Religious zealots on all sides. Corruption. Greed. Hunger. Fear. Depression. Angst. Loneliness. Heartbreak. We stand under constant bombardment of these and so much more. Negativity screams at us from our past, our present, is it no wonder we fear our future?

Negativity blares from putrid media outlets. TV. Radio. Computers. Word of mouth. Relationships.

We live in a sad, sad world.

Things occur to me – like “The Inner Game.” That mind game forever playing out in our heads. The voices who direct us. We attach labels to them. “This one is my mother.” “This voice is my father.” “This voice is my ex.” The pseudo-lie labels on.

The Inner Game you control. No, better stated, The Inner Game stands available for your control. Unfortunately, most of us appear to “control” The Inner Game by surrounding or corralling thoughts into task-oriented compartments. We most often do not understand the nature of these rote decisions to compartmentalize everything.

Creativity will always rush to freedom. Like a wild, bucking bronco, creativity will fight against restraints and control. Yet, in the case of a writer, there is a certain amount of “control” or “direction” necessary to frame the essence of creativity. We sculpt the wild nature of our creative minds/hearts/souls into sonnets, stories, epic novels, movies, love songs, poetry. We ride this wild beast, and when we dare, we allow her to toss us about like a rag-doll in a tornado.

The Inner Game. Most of our lives, it plays us. Not the other way around. The Inner Game rides us like a cruel jockey, lashing us with our perceived shortcomings, our fears, our pain. We invite other people in, searching their wisdom on why we struggle so, when everyone’s answers most likely lie within themselves. In the end, the truth is immutable. Our choices define our lives.

Forget intelligence. Forget charisma. Forget shyness. Forget fear. Forget religion. Forget philosophy. What we CHOOSE defines our individual lives. When we choose to take control, when we choose to direct our Inner Game, we most potently move our lives forward. For many if not all of us, this remains our ultimate struggle our entire life.

When the subject becomes “creativity” our best choice always manifests in unleashing all fetters and allowing the gestalt force of our abundant minds/hearts/souls soar above the one expectation that means anything to any of us – our own. Step out of the constraints of your Inner Game. Leap into the wild frenzy of life lived to the fullest. Marshal your Inner Game. No one sees, hears, touches, smells, tastes, or knows it like you. No one. In fact, only you stroll those Inner Halls of voices.

Release yourself from their control. Establish your own.

A life-long task to be sure.

Things occur to me.

Out of the blue I get insights.

Once in a while I write them down.