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handinhandwiththesunI know this:

I know love lies kind and peaceful within a believer’s heart
I know truth lurks, ever elusive, around those who seek her
I know lies paint our lives like layers of makeup, misrepresenting who we are
I know joy awaits our call at all hours, in all times, in all breaths

I know betrayal stands as a constant – varying levels calibrate the pain
I know abuse lashes most from those who suffered the same
I know the offensive misery from those who will not recognize their own cruelty
I know strength comes not with birth, but from the will to call on it

I know when freedom rests, tyranny stalks and pounces
I know holding hands seals relationship far stronger than sex or paper
I know giving as the only path to what you desire
I know life never waits for you to live, so grasp what stands before you this very moment and soar…