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Nicholas C. Rossis

Zig Ziglar quoteAccording to an ancient Chinese legend, there is a huge feast in hell, laid out on the table, but everybody’s knives and forks are so long that they can’t get the food to their own mouths. Struggle as they may, in the face of all this food, they starve.

In heaven, the story is almost exactly the same. There is a wonderful feast laid out and the knives and forks are so long that you can’t get your food to your own mouth. The difference is that the people in heaven stop trying to feed themselves and use their long knives and forks to feed each other instead.

I was reminded of this story while reading a blog post on Your Writer Platform by Kimberley Grabas titled “Your Path to Influence”, in the context of promoting one’s books.  You can read those points of hers that mostly resonated with me, but…

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