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M&M PicAs One…Forever


When her love tickles the heart-strings of your life
When her kiss lingers forever on your lips
Yet delivers only desire for more
When her eyes sparkle from every photo, every memory, every thought
When her smile lifts your soul so high you may never float back to Earth
Yet you forever crave her next grin


You miss her in the grayness of her absence
You think of her gentle kindnesses throughout your day
You immerse yourself in hope, joy, peace, comfort, excitement –
All attached to her silken feminine ways
You anticipate her presence with desire for the completeness she lends
You savor her moments with you –
Lovely curves of her face, lilt in her laugh, tenderness of her heart –
You lie in awe each night of her beautiful aura

You must:

Allow yourself the pleasure of her dance in your heart
Invite this princess into your humble emotional dwelling
Strive to touch her very soul with your overwhelmed adoration
Convey to her the knowledge that she stands forever loved in each nanosecond of her life
Remain vigilant to your enviable task of cradling her in your love

So that:

Two hearts may live each moment –
Whether physically together or apart –
As one…