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hSome Goodbyes

Some goodbyes should last forever
Some goodbyes should fall asleep
Some goodbyes should happen before hello
Some goodbyes should simply be goodnight…

Some goodbyes:

Trace fingers across a lovely face
Track splendid beauty over the magnificent landscape of a cheek
Trail light finger-steps that tiptoe luscious lips
Reap kindness that paves the path of dreams…

Our goodbyes:

Sadden into silent lament which
Stir the thrill and anticipation of tomorrow
Leave imprint memories on our lips
Linger on fingertips reluctantly untwined

And our goodbyes:

Slumber in smile-peppered dreams
Wrench our hearts open to fill with more love
Feel like loss on a ledger sheet of relationship
Kindle flames of passion forever unmet, unsated, unmatched

For whenever we say goodbye
We know the glorious enchantment of our next hello…