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What a lucky guy…

Sun in Our Eyes

Bright days and soft nights
You and I, dreams in sight
No longer wish-we-may, wish-we-might
We simply hold hands..

Two hearts willing to share
We cradle time and life and care
No longer lost, we now repair
To the cradle of each others arms…

Shade may be nice on a hot steamy day
But our hearts love it when the sun holds sway
No longer concerned about what things that may…
We simply kiss

Horizons so splashed with illumination
Our time together extended vacations
We cherish our lives’ past contaminations
Our future triumphs as a sun in our eyes…


It’s been a while since I discussed writing poetry on this site. Just a quick note. I realize there are “poetry police” out there that strive to “define” what is top level poetry and what is garbage. To me, this exercise is ludicrous at best.

When a person becomes driven to write a poem, they wrestle with the human condition on some level. Who’s to say their level is wrong? Certainly not me. We each hold a space and time in our lives that is private but wishes to be public. A poem, or any writing for that matter, stands simply as a snapshot of where you stood in that moment.

I often go back and observe with keen interest who I was when I wrote twenty years ago. Sometimes I am shocked at my naivete, other times I’m amazed at how together I seemed to be only to unravel at a later point. I love creativity. In creativity I sense answers. Answers to what questions?


I truly believe if humans took up the gauntlet of deep internal inspection, our world would improve dramatically. The simple “base” life most fall into requires instant gratifications that swing from short term desires to sinister urges. Before I digress further, I simply wish to challenge anyone who reads this to step away from the external and slip into yourself – connect to yourself and create.