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Roni in grassThe Long Goodbye

Reality claws at our deep-rooted distractions
Edges its way along dusty corridors of abandoned thought
Religion works to cover the truth
In the end, life is one long goodbye

Love-of-your life feelings of completion
Giddy, joyous, hopeful and bright
Fall prey to the ever-present truth of it ending
The long goodbye of love in our life

Endings by death, the cusp of the precipice
Bidding bittersweet fond farewells to corporal connection
Best make each precious moment count while we breathe
For life and love parade quiet in their long goodbye

Friendships rendered through years of youth
Most fade into time like some ethereal play
All too real come the moment of obituarial news
Friendships tread light the path of a long goodbye

Redwoods, stalwart in centuries on patrol
Exhaling clean oxygen to beings consciously immune to the fact of their service
No more than extended versions
Of mankind’s trek through the long goodbye

So too our relationships we cultivate each day
So immediate, so powerful, so chameleon, so warm
Only to discover in the mist of memory and awareness
Each destined to the locker of the long goodbye

Some of our meditations touch the film
The powdery truth of our existence and vitality
For all we do, all we are, all we accomplish
Falls quiet into the eternal vacuum silence after the long goodbye

Religion prostitutes itself in our world of long goodbyes
With condemnations, death, euphoria, fear
When all they truly offer is more distraction than substance
From the truth and reality of our long goodbye

What is left us in this miraculous moment we own called life?
Each contact, how brief or extended immaterial
Begs peace, joy, comfort on their best level,
Distraction, hate, violence – physical, emotional, spiritual – on their worst
All overrun by the tsunami truth of the aftermath of our long goodbye…