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Someone Told Me…

Someone told me a lie
And I believed them
They said, “you should live these rules…”
But they deceived me

Someone told me a truth
And I denied it
They said “you’re damaged goods…”
But then I cried

Someone told me to live
And I embraced them
They said, “no one walks on your heart…”
But then I felt it

Someone told me to die
And I refused it
They said, “the system owns your life…”
But I used it

Someone will always tell you their way
Too often you will react
Someone will always know more
But often you miss the fact

Someone knows a little less than you
And they don’t own it
Someone never looks inward
Yet they’ve externally shown it

Someone lives only their life
When we keep ours in our hands
Someone gives us our freedom
When we realize their views trickle as sands

You’re Not …

You’re not good enough
When the damage gets seen.
You’re not good enough
Regardless of where you’ve been.

You don’t fit
Step outside and wait for convenience
You don’t fit
You know the truth once you’ve seen us

You don’t measure up
Mistakes and folly follow your life
You don’t measure up
Your presence yields trouble, discomfort, strife

You’ve no place to go
So make sure you get there
You’ve no place to go
Your job is to find nowhere

You’re nothing but refuse
Cast aside so others may smile
You’re nothing but refuse
You cramp the established style

You cry in your heart
Because you know it’s untrue
You cry in your heart
There’s nothing you can do…