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cache_2934977104My Love,

I kept not dying
Purpose staggered through my heart
Sparkle-tinged, gilded hope
A mist-shrouded dream

I kept not dying
Knowing the enemy as futility
A constant companion and slave-master
Anguish and sadness my closest friends

I kept not dying
No other reason than the hopeless hope
No other answer than she “must be”
Years of torment and abuse believed

I kept not dying
Until the night strolling an ocean shore
Fingers slipped into a petite hand
Stars, waves, shrouded hope enthralled

I kept not dying
With only faux hope of little value
A grail for which my life was built
A gauntlet I must quest for or die

I kept not dying
Believing you lived
Believing your kiss awaited my request
Believing your arms would lift my soul

I kept not dying
For nothing I possessed could overcome my despair
Save hope of a love to hold my hand
A kiss to reveal the cost of life’s redemption

I kept not dying
Until that day
Your heart touched mine
Your hope billowed mine from the ashes of despondency

I kept not dying over a half century
Chased fools gold and poor decisions
Until hope became hollow, unreal, a specter
Ugly faces painted on her, her legacy tainted to ruin

I kept not dying until you enlivened hope’s beauty
You revealed love’s incredible vitality
You ceded harmony’s artistic brushstroke to my soul
You filled my cavernous heart with life worth living

I kept not dying, for you must exist
No other hope revealed any sense of value
That night your kiss lingered for hours on my lips
Forever my secret smile of a purpose and a meaning

I live.
I hope.
I love.
I adore you