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hOur Dance

We tiptoe through our dance of death,
Fearing the insanities of our mind,
Monkey voices chattering in our head
Who besiege every thought, challenging every step we take.

Strengths weaknesses, love, destruction, talent, destiny.
Fear manifests simply as limiting voices
A cacophony of meaningless chatter possessing no relevance other than what we give them,
These voices destroy our confidence.

Our inner voices of fear convince us of truths that truly do not exist.
They tell us to panic, to surrender, to flee, contrary to our best course.
These voices scream for us to rely on others input,
To clasp the gospel of someone else’s opinion,
To cast our creativity into the toybox of our mind,
As something to be played with only when others do not watch.

This fear owns only the substance we lend it,
Monumental as that may be.
Mountains and titanium walls that poof into mist
If only we dare to challenge.

If only we muster the wherewithal to forge ahead as though these barriers do not exist
Despite the internal evidence they supply
For this is their power
That they control our mind

The internal world they construct stands infallible,
When in truth they wander about madly and aimlessly, as the human race,
Bent on the destruction of who we could be,
Unless we find our inner peace and confidence.

Stand your ground by dropping the fight,
The tussle with fear, self deprecation, worry, doubt.
For no one forged ahead without these devious hitchhikers,
Yet success never abdicated its power to them.

Rise up! Seize your day! Celebrate your ultimate battle by refusing to play!
Treat your creativity to a healthy dose of confidence.
Set your vision free to fly the myriad beauties of heaven’s skies,
Underneath which you stroll each moment of your life
Without truly recognizing the utter artistry of this canopy’s hues.
Live life, not death.

Set your soul free to be the whim and crafter of the dream only you may construct.
Your life. Your world. Your creativity. Free yourself.
Stride out this dance of life to the creative music you supply.
Find your days overrun with peace and joy…