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Potato_heart_mutationInside Your Heart

You tune into your invisibility
That specter of love too vocal, too kind
No other way to live, but
The louder you love, the more you fade to mist…

You determine to embark on a holy search,
The grail embodying rediscovering who you are
Decades lost to abuse and poor decisions
Only but mile-markers along your road to enlightenment

There’s never been anything fair in love
No matter the songs or poems or pinings
Only threadbare hope and quiet desperation
A prayer that familiarity will deliver a higher love

You fish for words abandoned from human lexicon
Meaningless words in our fallen state
Yet these nonexistent words best describe emotion,
Connection to affection, and to that for which you live

Misted invisibility, never once breathed as your goal,
‘Save the day’ your fantasy desire
Their love appears to evaporate despite yours growing
No matter the cry that heaves your heart

You know what answers your call –
Love yourself in all your flaw –
For no one will do this for you
As your mist whisks away on the winds of familiarity

Your ghostly heart writhes in anguish
Hope still flurries with a vision of larger love
A rescue upon the breath from your lover
You’re special.

You’re embraced.

You’re wholly loved and adored…