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Romantic StrollLove’s Seasons

Early bloom, her blush applied,
Garment shimmers, she bursts with pride
Wild intent, her gales you ride
Throughout the seasons of love

Giddy days, impassioned nights
She beckons shadows in her delights
You forsake rules, sensibilities, rights
In the early season of love

Weathered storms, her beacon stands
You understand value in holding hands
She rises strong from life’s demands
As you progress through the seasons of love

For those of us who together prevail
Through trial, through doubt, through inner travail
We find calm seas on which to sail
The myriad seasons of love

Impassioned weather we relish and clutch
Romantic nights where we must touch
We never knew we could love so much
Throughout the seasons of love

Hard times bump us from without
But our enemy lies within – no doubt –
Our purposed affection delivers clout
As we navigate the seasons of love

There exists a place of lifelong caring
For those who sacrifice themselves while daring
To lift another’s heart and soul while sparing
Nothing in the seasons of love

Love remains tender, crazy, kind
Love may rip you from your mind
Cause reason and logic to fall behind
Embrace your travels through the seasons of love

For that person you cherish despite your need
Her smile, her laughter, her idiosyncrasies indeed
Hold her hand through every deed
Live your seasons of love

No trouble too great or problem too overbearing
To prevent your hear from sincerely caring
You just need to be a little more daring
And dance through the seasons of love