Time whispers throughout the ages
My name.
Your name.

Miniscule blink of the eyelid of existence
Shows me, here, alone.
You, there, reading this.

Infinitesimal sigh of life and love
Caught in our mortal words of forever
Locked tight in the temporal reality of now
Lost to all outside our kiss, our presence, our time…

Time whispers our lifespan,
My name, a forgotten mist
Yours, a wisp of smoke,
She, the dream of a lifetime

Love skirts throughout all life,
Mindless of our trials and struggles
Recognized by few
Those who understand the disconnect between what we understand and what we can feel.

Love flits throughout the whispers of time, of life, of existence
A common extraordinary reality
Released by those who seek perfection
Embraced by those who will stand and believe

I miss her. She’s my smile, my life’s whisper
The whisper within the whisper
My connection to hope. To peace. To completion.
I observe my passions rise by her thought in my heart.

Love does not reward the stalwart
Nor the persistent.
Nor the passionate.
Nor the bold proclaimer.

No, love appears to skitter through our lives
Disconnected pieces we attempt to sew together
Yet when love stands near, it delivers itself in one piece
In one accord. In one mindset. In one whispered moment

Time whispers our names in each of our times in our ages.

May my love and I forever be caught in the same sweet breath
The one that delivers peace of heart throughout our days
The one that holds us fragile and protected
The one that decrees we may spend our fleeting existence entangled in love’s sweet snare…

…the mist of her name entwines my senses
And all I can do is whisper love her way…