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hMy Lover

My Lover, she’s a jealous one
She lurks, ever-present in the dull shadows of my life.
She falters and flatters in cacophonic insanities
Ever making sense and nonsense of my inner world

My Lover, she’s a whimsical one
She dances through my heart like a benevolent thief.
She pilfers and proffers all that I am
Ever casting love and sadness across my inner landscapes

My Lover, she’s a passionate one
She stabs at pain and caresses truths
She sets off on crusades, quests and strolls of silence
Ever roiling the best and worst of my inner psyche

My Lover, she’s my Dearest One
She lights my days and colors my nights
She holds me loose and shoves me forward as she clings tight
Ever my fellow sojourner, my muse, and the documenter of my inner self

My Lover, she’s the sentence in my head
She tumbles concepts and craziness in word avalanches
She demands I make sense of the insanity of my existence
Ever the supporter and demolisher of my inner dreams

A need.
A desire.
A passion.

My Lover…