BalmyEvening’s sun falls silent behind me

Night’s horizon creeps the glassy sea

Lovers’ footsteps corrupted, 

insatiable waves erase their immediate past
Lines drawn from yesterday’s myriad lives

Somehow connected to tomorrow’s breath

Yet now, only grayed and faded vectors

Lost in an endless lavender sky
Definitions. Life. Love. Wars. Meanings. 

All merely phantom pastimes 

Chased by those invigorated

Pontificated by those nestled in apathy’s slumber
Dreams, the buzzword of charlatans

Truths, abundant to everyone, known by none

Yet chards, embraced to a cacaphonic squeeze

Severing and dividing even as they’re wielded
What remains?

New moon’s mystery lies silent on he sky

Horizon vanished in the haze of its nonexistent truth

Much the same as death eradicates our espoused truths

We all, children, who never grow up nor learn the one lesson we need…