…and how could I breathe

Not knowing she walked this earth?

We’ve seen the same stars,

The same news

Heard the same music…

Before, I never knew kindred hearts

Only disjointed attempts at making things work

No connection.

No unspoken understanding.

No sense of what it feels like to be truly loved by someone other than blood.

No free laughter.

No midnight peace in my heart.

No hope for a love that heals.

…and how could I sigh without her?

…and how could I wake, smiling, to a new day?

…and how could we walk this same planet apart for so long?

…and how could fate not bring us together sooner?

…and how could I have breathed without her?

As now, I know her touch.

As now I know her peace.

As now I feel her love.

As now my life finally begins…