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a-kiss1And I Love Her

Word wrestling.
Cold morning mind-fog
Delivers little more than self-recriminating accusations
And I love her…

Stupid seconds
Building themselves mercilessly
Completing moments and hours and days and years
And I adore her…

Hunger harrassment
Gurgling internal demands
Set feet and intent in motion behind crusted eyes
And I cherish her…

She lights my dawn in the memory of her smile
She lifts my spirit in her playful ways
She shores up my fear-addled heart with her integrity
And I wrestle less with troubles

She touches my hand and my heart goes volcanic
She speaks my many names, my smile finds itself
She thinks of me, therefore I am
And time with her becomes far more than precious

She walks like and angel among we mortals
She dances joy instead of music
She gives of herself with purpose and intent
And I hunger for her kiss in the most constant manner

And  I love her…