Black Flame PortraitOne

One lies within silken sheets
One sits. Awake. Alert. Detached.
One slumbers toward another day.
One sits. Worried. Calm. Confused.

One rolls soft through misted dreams
One sits. Abandoned. Forlorn. Alone.
One relaxes into healing rest
One sits. Dreaming. Fearful. Alarmed.

One nurses their subconscious
One sits. Deciding. Stoking. Courageous.
One falls deep into the night’s carress
One sits. Uncarressed. Unfulfilled. Committed.

One stretches muscles to feel health
One sits. Tense. Trapped. Terrified.
One yawns in anticipation of newness
One sits. Frightened. Hopeful. Loving.

When they come together the world lays right
All snags and wrinkles smoothed away
Days and nights become floating carousels,
Lifting smiles and laughter and joy

Yet alone, left to doubts and fears and yesterday’s demons
All falls pitifully lame and wounded
Before the grand landscape of the years at hand
And all one may do is continue…