dreamstime_xs_56100392Broken Roads

Cracks and rubble behind your steps
No matter how rosy your glasses
Stumbling barefoot on jutted concrete
These broken roads rip at your journey.

Heartache and sadness blot out the sun
Each and all a sledgehammer blow
Roads become damaged once heavily traveled
But they’re familiar. Broken. Just like you.

Broken roads lead to who you are
Crumbled and stricken, choked by disrepair
Yet sometimes, if fortune winks a wry smile your direction
You find miles of soft, lush grass caress your lacerated feet.

Each of us sojourn our broken lives
Whether by our own doing or not makes no difference
The trek remains a challenge, our destinations obscure
Our will and strength become all we own or are bankrupt of

I’ve staggered and run and romped and stomped
Laid peaceful in some times of wonder
I’ve shared these broken roads at times
With love and hate and joy and despair.

Broken roads, they define my life’s crazy path
Each stride leads back to me.
One day this road will see me end, and despite all the struggle
My desire will be just one step more…