Love stabs warm and lethal
Pain roiled in a bowl of external and self-infliction
Thrills and exhilarations notwithstanding
Trust the only avenue for longevity

Trust requires conscious effort against experience
Flies in the face of most all logic
Yet without communication trust withers
Sadness storms the heart, a siege laid long and painful…

Life is a struggle for and against love…

Finding answers is not as important as asking the questions…

Revel in this day!

What are you doing while you read this!


Revel in your sadness

Your pain

You joy

Your love

Your life

For this is our lot

To feel anger and ecstasy

To feel loss an lavish reward

To experience everything in between

And die.

Revel in all things

Overcome lies and betrayals

Overcome abuse and tyranny

Revel in your life

Notice the breath escaping your lips this very moment

Revel in the fact you owned that breath, even for the briefest of moments

For your life will become but the merest of sighs one day

Let these days be where you overcame.