hBirthday Canticle (Part Nine)

There once was a dream which someone had drawn on
Scribbles of pain and destructive strokes
Soiled and sullen, this dream faded low
Lifeless, hollow, cold.

Black scars ran the length and breadth of destruction
Its life sheltered lonely, attacked and afraid
Courage its only stalwart companion
Sheer determination the dream’s only breath

When one day, one magic moment
She strolls into the dream’s life
Her aura magnificent, heavenly, feminine
She reveals her perfections,her connections to its mural

She paints the dream’s canvas over, one scar at a time
She heals a lifetime of wounds, decades of abuse, one stroke at a time
She reveals new direction, new joys, one revelation at a time
She breathes life into hope, peace, love, passion, companionship, one moment at a time

Their journey begins as life toddles on
They mesh and they meet, they heal and they laugh
Futures become intertwined and bright
Love’s sun rises and crowns their new path, hand in hand, painted on the dream’s incredible new horizon