Michele War of the Words 2Birthday Canticle (Part Ten)

Her voice delivers joy in each individual syllable
Her songs, so silly, deliver laughter to my heart
Her words flow wise with connection to her heart
Her giggles free my tensions to the wind

Her smile warms my very soul
Her laughter lifts me to feeling whole
And I anticipate every new, fresh day
She knows how to deliver “happy”

Her love comes soft from a feminine core
Her love I cherish, each thought of her a dream
Her love completes the holes
Her love compares with no other earthbound woman

My heart sings joy each day I arise
She holds my song, my laughter, my eyes
My passion simmers, my adoration soars
She opens windows, she unlocks doors

Love found like this should be celebrated
As its rarity is not only to be cherished
Love discovered like this should be embraced
As nothing life ever presented before…