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Michele with Hat 5Birthday Canticle (Part Eleven)

Dance with me on the crowded dance floor
Our bodies lost in a world of flesh
Our hearts beat rhythms others wish for
Dance with me on songs of love

Fly with me on the winds of love
Our bodies caressed by its breeze’s whisper
Our hearts soared on love’s pure wings
Fly with me throughout our lives

Dream with me on enchanted pillows
Our bodies spent but our love at play
Our souls locked and firmly entangled
Dream with me through the end of days

Love with me in our breaths and passages
Our bodies one when we hold hands
Our convictions true as we glide our days
Love with me on heaven’s shoulders

Grow with me in our peace and love
Our bodies aging but our hearts so young
Our hopes and dreams lie before us
Grow old with me in the sweetest of ways