handinhandwiththesunWe strolled the beach that magic night, two souls in search of love and hope, with

nothing but our hearts to give, both down, not out, not towel-throwing, but seeking

the best, the wonderful, the loving, the kind, the soulmate, the dream who shares

breath on this earth, to live out our lives in harmony and love, to walk in security

and knowledge of a true companion who strives to make our life as beautiful as

could be all the while giving of ourselves to the comfort and peace of the other, and

giving of our passions to the ecstasies of the other, and giving of our souls to the

warmth and nurture of the other so that one day, when we fall silent on this earth,

we may embrace the peace and satisfaction of knowing we loved well, we loved

true, we finally found that missing part of our lives who made us whole, and we

may fall into that deepest of sleep with all a human may wish for, a love true

and limitless and insatiable to the end.