handinhandwiththesunLove’s Bold Hands

Where lie the riches from love’s bold hands?
In banks?
In jobs?
In houses?
In work?

Why recuse the word “riches” when love is mentioned?
For I tell you true
Are not the hands of love endowed
With all we hold dear in our heart of hearts?
Do not the kindness and gentleness of caring
Bring healing to a reeling and dangerous world?
Can not the message of hope and peace
Deliver a wealth of abundant joy?

Where lie the riches from love’s bold hands?
In the kiss
In the kindness of giving
In the connection of hands working as one
In the lilt in your step knowing you’re loved
In the soaring of your heart on the wings of gentle words of affirmation
In the new light shed on this world
In the new sight love lends the soul
In the caress of your lover alone as one
In the smile which lifts you over the next moment of trial
In the comfort of knowing you own meaning in life
In the peace which comes from her thoughtful ways

To live this life instead of existing
Love need come in some manner or form
Love requires work, struggle, perseverance
Love does not simply grow and sustain solely off its initial blush
Love becomes a labor most fervently worked on
Love’s blessings multiply more than the seed of the field
Love may be yours when you willingly search it
Love may be yours when you willingly care
Love will grow when you nurture and tend it
Love will reward as you stroll through your life
In my life’s travels I’ve been broken hearted
I’ve run the course of love’s bittersweet end
But I’ve found love grows if you’ll only reach out
Know you must give from now to the end

When you pick yourself up and strive for life’s treasure
When you walk yourself out of negativity’s grasp
You open the door to goodness and light
A powerful step to make your life count

I found My Soul Mate from the ashes of destruction
I found my life after the cruelest of days
I’ll never walk back to the dark world of pretense
I’ll strengthen my efforts to live peaceful and free
I’ll remain thankful for love and the woman I’ve dreamed of
I’ll feel once again the joy of each breath
I adore My Lady, all she gives freely
I’ll sing in my heart to her wonderful giving
More so I’ll sing in my heart of the love I can bring her
I’ll sing in my heart of the love I will give
I’ll sing in my heart with the knowledge my capacity for love is endless
There lies the riches of love’s bold hands