Mike and MicheleA Love to not be Forgotten

A kiss lingers fire upon my lips
A smile nestles deep in the joys of my heart
A touch wends happiness, confidence, contentment
A whisper skis the slopes of my soul

When lovers meet in this world of ours
They laugh, they sing, the linger a while
But when lovers bond and seal their destinies
They change the world without a word

Some loves turn bitter and acrid and stale
Others complacent, apathetic, cold
Yet when love burns eternal and warm and bright
This should stand as love to remember

This world has known love deeper than a kiss
Love more joyous than words
Happier than a child’s free-spirited glee
These are the loves to not be forgotten

When dust and days leave us long from this earth
When men and women know us not
When all future progress continues for men
Ours remains the love to not be forgotten…

May the paintings of my words fall on someone’s distant heart and enthrall them to love as deep as we…