2012-11-30 10.59.59Learning to Live

I wake, my heart set on her fire
Warmth, like a gentle ray of sunshine
She strolls my forested passions
As the intrepid catalytic breeze of desire

I rise, my soul inquisitive, yearning,
Thousands of thought, dreams, responsibilities
Clashing, crashing, vying for attention
She always settles in as priority one

I move, my goals often run amuck
Magic, each realization of destiny
Sometimes sticking on my mural wall of life
I see so much that makes me wonder…

I daydream, castles filled with laughter,
Rollicking meadows and our bare feet
Soft grasses, her clouded eyes
Sparkled by the love we share

I strive, ambitions left-brain scattered
Motivations and inspirations not so patient,
Vie for my focus
Especially the one she owns

I relax, evenings fall into comfortable cuddles
Her body so close to melded perfection
She fits. She fits. In every way, she fits,
My innermost sighs embrace us as one

I do sleep, perchance to dream
Of her sparkling eyes, lilting laughter, silly songs
Another day done, another touch cherished
And I learn to live again in every passing moment