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Michele 4I Am Your Gift

My song is a step which heads your direction
My story written from the words of my heart
My life gives its soul for your best intention
I dream of your  touch in nights spent alone

My ambition lies tied to your needs and desires
My intention wells to love and deliverance of joy
My motivation rests only when locked in your arms
I desire your heart, your words of love

My inspiration manifests from depths no one’s discovered
My peace tangles with you in all we do
My heart knows no restraint in desire
I live to love and I love to live you

My days on this earth know no better woman
My thoughts of this life fly the horizons of you
My passion rises with each passing moment
I give you me which is all I am

I am your gift to brighten your nights
I am your gift to lighten your load
I am your gift to tighten you security
I am your gift for all the days I possess

My hope, my dreams, all tie up in this
That you embrace my love as my most valuable asset
That you know my love as the depth you’ll never fathom
That you accept my love as my ultimate gift…