Michele 4Last Evening

The gray morning sits outside my window
Mists of evening’s past clinging to the pane.
Slumber fits your sleepy head as time crawls ever forward
The day begins in silent repose, your dreams still in your head.

For summer days fall way ahead
Our time together out of bed
May never reach the words we said
But last evening’s kiss still sings.

Hours spent in early ponder give way to morning’s newest dawn
We love our lives, our hands together we love our passions, two as one
When reverie calls I embrace the memory of you and I in a kiss’ lock
I hold the touch of your sweet lips in last evening’s final waking thought

When each and every day embraces you and I in life’s strong course
When pains and sorrows drag our psyche’s through the mill of troubles tossed
I stroll my heart to each new moment, to each new song within my heart
I slip into last evening’s kisses and I know my breath holds peace and hope

A gray morning mist outside my window will soon give way to the morning’s day
As slumber falls from your peaceful sleeping, you’ll begin your day as many before
My hope for you will be ever present, always searching for your smiling face
Last evening’s kisses lie ever gentle, cradled in my heart with love…