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MMC2 12-31-2015In another life we walked this earth separate
I knew you as a nameless dream
A wonderful collection of grace and humor
An answer to the question of love

In another life, in the afternoon of January 22, 1960
33 degrees and blustery north winds
Snow/ice pellets scattered lightly
A warmth arrived in this world which one day would save my life

In another life in October 2013
A late night ocean stroll watched as two hands met
A deal sealed
A cherished dream blossomed into magnificence.

Now, thoughts of the tropical warmth delivered that winter’s day
May never be celebrated to the highest extent I desire
For that wonderful, amazing day brought peace and warmth and hope and love
And reached up through a half century of separation and enfolded my heart with joy

For the record, for my say in this celebration
A princess was born to light people’s lives
Her name falls like music, laughter, fun, love
And all who come to know you cherish the breath of life received that day

Happy birthday Princess Michele Marie Catalano