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0036I fall in love every day
She strolls my heart like a prowling smile
She roves my soul, a wandering minstrel
Singing her songs of hope, peace, and joy

I fall in love every day
Her voice tickles my ears with sweet familiarity
Her eyes dance me to rhythms fresh and intimate
Her body sidles up to me in warmth and delicious affection

I fall in love every day
A morning dawned to my dreams
A day breathed in step with adoration
An evening enraptured by her presence

I fall in love every day because I live there
Surrounded by her incredible gentle ways
When I stand in the midst of love and struggle
Falling becomes the hug deeper appreciated

I fall in love every day
Thankful for its depth and breadth
Thankful for her feminine touch
Thankful for her smile, her laughter, her generous love