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Beach SilhouetteSilken Lovers

Bring me smiles and warmth and love
Let me hear a siren song spring from your throat
Seek days and nights by the ocean tides
Hands clasped together as easy, silken lovers
Moon and stars a picturesque gallery painted on the horizon

Bring me laughter and heat and passion
Let me hear a siren song spring from your heart
Seek mornings, afternoons evenings
Clasped together as easy silken lovers
Eyes and mouth picturesque, painted upon the sheets

Bring me contentment and caresses and joy
Let me hear a siren lullaby slip from your lips
Seek kisses of gentle repose
Lips brushed together soft as silken lovers
Dreams and visions picturesque, painted upon the heart and soul

Bring the sunshine of your smile
Let me hear the siren greeting from your lovely voice
Seek ambition and wonder for the day to come
Bonded through our life as easy silken lovers
Trials and tribulations minimized to dust with picturesque thoughts of us…