M & M KissInvitation

Fill your life with the breathings of my heart
Follow my words down broken paths
Stumble through the caverns of loneliness and despair
See where I live
Know who I am

Stir the breathings of my heart
Find the whimsy
The playful
The loving
Rocks of sadness softened to pillows
Mountains of pain now leaf piles of autumn

Dance the breathings of my heart
Know love ever swirls my inner cosmos
Searching for landings on soft warm lips
Craving desire in sparkled eyes
Needing simply the touch of your hand

Rest in the vigilant stirrings of my heart
Chaos may reign, but the love is true and deep
For when you enter the stirrings of my heart
You enter a life overrun with passion, joy, love
All ripe, low hanging fruit to be plucked
If only you reach out

Embrace the stirrings of my heart
Though they be like the wind
You may breathe in and embrace from your own heart,
Steal with each inhalation
Invite my stirrings into your soul
That we may bind ourselves in the loveliest of lives
Two as one
You and me