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At once my nemesis and my savior
Mortal enemy, confidant of a lifetime
We fought many a brave battle
Suffered many crushing defeats

Foot soldier to my wretched ambivalence
A mist who often appears only when all seems lost
We trudged through heartache all our lives
You drag me bleeding back to our lonely foxhole

Paint this world in darkened hues
Stalwart, you allow us no quarter
Nary even feign interest in what I do
Yet rally to my colorful, trampled, mud and blood slathered banner

Seer through inner sight those who hate us
More so those who love us not
Carry me crumpled and broken each time I learn not the lesson
No one else could ever love me as I need

Who lend no hint of caring
Trumpet no grand nor verbose platitudes of affection
Rise up after each and every vanquished crusade
Quiet. Head shaken. Heart free-bleeding without comfort

Smile with me in my loves
Secret grins unseen when bliss overwhelms me
Your respite, your hope, your dreams
Forever locked from my view, scattered about our soul’s floor as inanimate objects

Know my tears as no one
Feel my abject pain in a world of loneliness
Understand my quest to find another who could replace you
Yet you know no one will relieve you your burden

Of me
Who chases love with abandon
Whose heart runs deeper and more vibrant than anyone we’ve met
Whose absurd belief in others’ interest
Falls broken without fail, without fanfare, without care

Wandering willy nilly in Quixote insanities
Trusting every tidbit of affection thrown our way
While decimated knowledge creeps ever perpetual to the surface of awareness
No one else will love me as I need

We brave the gray day of waking
Searching for the love who’ll save us
Only the “us” who strides into these devastating battles
Remains me, without your counsel, yet I own your rigid support

Know my folly awaits me
You whisper as much in my heart
You gather what morsels we’re lent on a string
Squeeze slight sustenance from hollow dreams

Glimpse your need of my caring
Fear your absence in my sickly sorrows
Must find how to love you most dear
For we must become one for peace to claim our soul

Deliver the strength I require
Prove love in the absence of others
Prop us onto our feet once more
As I search outside ourself for the resident answer within

Without you I am nothing but a dreamer
A soul lost in the chaos of life
Searching in vain for someone who’ll love us
When that someone resides within…

Will betray you
For I do not wish us to be alone
I crave someone to share our infinite sea of love
I fear no one ever will…