I got on a roll this morning. Sometimes that happens. Have you noticed that at times, we learn things which later we must unlearn or alter? What follows are some items I’ve learned, for good or for ill. Please, if you quote any of them, make sure you give me credit for having written it. Thank you!

Sh*t I’ve learned:

Believe in yourself, for if you’re the dreamer and you don’t believe, you’ll wink out of existence like countless before you…

Love begins and ends within yourself. What love you choose to share with others is defined by your inner relationship.

Writing is simply a snapshot of who you were at that moment in time. While your writing may define you in retrospect, time has a way of morphing this view as you age.

To be a writer is to explore yourself. Your words become the road map to your simplicities, your complexities and your multiplicities.

Self discovery is a journey away from the control of others who would mold you into their image of what they believe the world should look like.

Governments, cultures, societies, all press to define us externally, while a voice somewhere within cries out for individuality.

More Sh*t I’ve Learned

Today’s knowledge resides in the eye of the beholders who often wear the corrective lenses of someone else’s agenda

News in the twenty-first century should be renamed Manipulations.

It’s nothing new that we’ve suspected for decades our politicians lie, are crooks, and will even murder for their agendas. What is new about the process today is that through our hyper-communications explosion, we know they’re corrupt on so many levels, yet we argue over them like one side is angelic the other demonic. What does this say about us as individuals? (I suppose I haven’t learned this one yet…)

Religion is a primary player in the worlds of control, greed, murder, ego, politics, domineering, agendas, and in-fighting. Oh yes, and whenever they can snag a little time away from these pursuits, sometimes organized religion helps people.

Writing brings peace to those who embrace the process of leaching their troubled soul to the page

Writing muses seldom heed invitation, often love inconvenience, and soar when you give yourself over to them.

Writing books is simple, not quite easy, and damned hard to sell

Finding your voice in this world requires that you work to cease parroting others

Romantic love invites heartache and much which may damage our souls, yet erases every potentially painful outcome with one mutually powerful kiss

Love requires constant attention, mending, encouragement, nurturing, sacrifice, understanding, empathy, and action. Left alone, love will die a slow, mortifying death.