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Warmth from your soft skin enthralls me
I lie awake,
Marveled by your petite beauty
Grander and more majestic than the most gorgeous mountain in spring
The wonder of such magnificence lying with me,
And I feel blessed, fortunate, happy.

Warmth from your soft skin enthralls me
In those mornings we lie together
I admire your strength, tenacity, loyalty, love
These mornings freshen my life
My desire to develop and craft life in wisdom and brilliance,
For I am a man of tremendous talent
Who rises from the ashes of calamity,
All the while recognizing the one who lifts my hopes, my dreams, my desires to possibilities
I feel I could not love you more

Then you kiss me,
Or touch me with your loving, tiny hand,
I know I can always and forever love you more
All this, in the waking moments when sleep still tussles your hair by my side

The warmth of your soft skin enthralls me.
On mornings like today
I miss you more than these words could ever hope to express
I look forward to our next cuddle, kiss, touch, smile, laugh,
Held hands sealing the deal anew

I forever long to embrace the warmth of your soft skin
Enchanting me in the early morning light…