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I drink you in with loving eyes
My world enlivened
Your aura rejuvenates and refreshes my heart
When my vision savors you anew

Melodies flow like living rivers
My ears, Venetian tunnels to heaven,
Your voice, carried on sound wave gondolas,
Directly exhilarates my soul

Fingers, hands, the machineries of writing
Draw pleasure when trailing your supple skin
Yet the simple slipping of your petite hand in mine
Brings back that very first time and my heart revels in connection.

I savor you in proximity
Patchouli tickles my love
Inflames my desire
Lends deep drawn sighs born of swirling whirling passions roiling within

Ah, but the morsel of your tender lips
That flavor of love in your gentle kiss
The fire inflamed by your impassioned embrace
Your love for me is all I taste

And I am undone…