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Each day
Each moment
Each kiss
Each breath
Each action
Each other
Each memory
Each experience
Each plan
Each failure
Each success
Each obstacle
Each ray of sunshine
Each rain droplet
Each kiss
Each hand you hold
Each endeavor
Each person you meet
Each intimate whisper
Each cloudy day
Each morning you wake up
Each night you rest
Each caress in you heart
Each touch of her hand
Each silly joke
Each burst of laughter
Each tear that trickles
Each sob which heals
Each sadness endured
Each thrill realized
Each saga completed
Each lazy day
Each smile your given
Each smile you give
Each realization of wonder
Each dread of a day
Each journey undertaken
Each destination reached
Each love within your
Each love without
Each struggling person
For you are one as well.

Life is to be cherished in all phases.
We may not like the ways and means of our path on this planet,
We may not appreciate the weaving of our lives,
Yet we still must face the reality of the sojourn,
We’re better for the comfort of knowing our steps as unique.

Embracing the breath within yourself,
Sure sign of life continued,
Why waste one drop of time when your steps are your life defined.
Cherish yourself and the manner of your being.
Find your course exhilarating, even in the dullest of moments.
Engage your mind to reach into your heart.
Learn to love yourself through cherishing it all.
You will not always be here.
Understand each moment counts.
Each breath signals hope.