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2012-02-26 15.01.44Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time, I walked at peace with myself
Leaves, breezes, winds, sunshine, snow, rain
All filled my heart with joy

Once upon a time, my mind would wander to far away places
Lands of dreams, adventures, love, happiness, victories
Nothing infringed, nothing intruded, nothing condemned.

Once upon a time, I felt everything
Blades of grass, summer pies, winter’s hot chocolate
All felt new, intrinsic to the fabric of my life

Once upon a time faded with age and responsibility
Demands, criticisms, restrictions, time constraints, money,
What filled my soul faded to the same trickle my fellow adults suckled from

Once upon a time became reason for backlash
Teachers, bosses, parents, friends, enemies
My life spark diminished to smoky mist

Once upon a time recaptured by this simplest of means
Words, concepts, stories, tales, imagination unleashed
Chance once more for living

Once upon a time, a writer leaped from life’s charred ashes
Filling soul gaps with fire and lust and love and pain and delicious agony
Lending the embers of joy a quickened breath of fire

Once upon a time, a poetic wannabe writer sat behind the page
As sentences and paragraphs filled his white space of dreams
He woke to find he never really lost anything but himself when he deferred to others views on how to live…