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Moonshot 1My time’s run out
Seconds tick. May as well stretch the hours
into torment and Hell’s internal voices.
I pick my feet up and plod them down alternately…

My love’s run out.
Kisses may as well be sighs
into loneliness, despair, tears of emotional destruction.
I push this paper here, that one there…

My dream’s run out.
Myriad sparkles of forever may as well be a second,
ticking Chinese time-torture on my heart
I lift my drink, taste the nothingness of life, and set it down…

My pain’s run out.
Screaming particles of emotional agony which may as well be a gulfstream tsunami,
Flowing in ever expanding destruction to cover my world.
I grasp the toggle between my forefinger and thumb and flip the switch…

From the upcoming novel by Michael Ray King, “Deja vu: Into the Abyss”