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I chose to compose this post on Poetry in Black and White rather than my main author site, MichaelRayKing.com because it is here that I most often “connect” with the subject of this post. Too many times I feel we, as writers, embrace the concept that our writing must be accessible to all. Everything, and I do mean everything, I’ve experienced as a writer points to this. Sometimes the message is subtle, but its there.

Writing naked does not necessarily mean physically, even though I do so at times! LOL! Writing naked involves what a wonderful writer and friend in London once told me. She said, “When you post your ‘raw’ poetry, the writing contains accessible power for the reader.” I’m paraphrasing that last statement. I understood what she was saying, and I’ve worked to hone this concept over the years. Her first book is nearly done, and as an aside, I am betting it will be powerful.

Writing to please everyone will never work. No matter how much you try, someone will not care for what your mind concocts and places out into the world. Therein will lie much vulnerability and much trepidation, if you allow it.

Here’s where writing becomes (or doesn’t) something of power. Please, do not mistake my allegiance to editing. I do feel strongly that a good edit is immeasurably important to writing. That stated, I also believe editing to be a double edged sword. Power and impact often become muted in the editing process. We live in difficult times. Heaven forbid we write something controversial which is also not “politically correct.”

Have you noticed the people making the most noise in the world come out with politically incorrect propaganda and shout it from the digital airwaves with a “force-feeding-fury?” I have. And the muted, edited responses get lost in din.

What am I saying here? I’m challenging you to be bold. Yet, there remains a balance to life. Each person must step out into their writing persona and test their limits. When you keep testing “limits” in writing, hopefully you will discover you own no limits. Hopefully you will find your voice. Hopefully, you will possess the courage to publish to the world what may feel like a small, insignificant voice.

I would challenge you, in your raw voice, to not only call out injustice and pain and suffering, but to add humility, honest, raw humility, positivity, love, kindness and good things into this world. Make no mistake, to balance all that and more stands as a challenge much larger than ourselves. This cannot be achieved, in my opinion, yet it may be sought after and pursued. Our “higher selves” may be accessed, and possibly, just maybe, we may add to the shape of our world, something enduring. Something of power. Something to separate ourselves from the barbarian nature which appears to constantly threaten to destroy us.

Find your balance. Find your power. Find your voice. Find it by writing naked. Your truth will be raw. Your truth will be unrefined. Your truth will not perfectly jibe with the world. Yes, you resonate with people screaming, “Injustice!” “Foul!” “Despicable!” But if you only remain on the surface and get caught up in the rhetoric, especially from our worldwide media machines, you will never get to that place deep inside where you sort out what YOU truly believe.

Too many people on this planet get manipulated every day by the various media mongers. Don’t go pointing to any specific spewers of propaganda ilk as the ultimate demon. They all manufacture their own brand of “control” over masses of people, dividing, inciting, and in the end, profiting by our “surface” following of their spoutings of hate, war, victimhood, etc. Their manipulations go on and on.

Write. Write naked. Write not for this world, but for your inner truth. Then allow that inner truth to shine out. Allow it to peek into the stream of life. Allow it to be a seed. Nurture it. And please, fighting evil with evil only increases evil. Call out evil. Call it out real. Call it out raw. Bring light to this world as well.

Everyone is claiming “foul” these days. I get it. I’ve been abused in many ways in my life by others. Can you rise above that? The real question, of course, stands as, “Will you rise above your abusers.” It takes less power to simply call out “foul” than to rise above the pain and forge forward in a positive manner.

Lastly, understand that all the medias around the world desire to stir you up and keep you in victimhood. The more they keep you there, the more they pander to your base emotions, the more they control you. Take a stand. Write raw. Write power. Write naked. Discover YOUR truth. Don’t allow the manipulations to continue to control you.

Every time I read news, I feel it. I feel the power of their manipulations. I feel the force of “their” agendas. I even get caught up in it too often. But less. Less by tiny increments. Less by each step I take into myself, what I believe, and how I may turn words more to healing. I am not saying to ignore evil. I am not saying not to call it what it is. I AM saying to offer something, somewhere, somehow, to this world which eases pain, suffering, injustice, etc. Call it out. But don’t join in manipulative media rhetoric. There will always be pieces of “truth” in their propaganda, but it is only laced into the fabric of their words so as to manipulate those who remain surface oriented thinkers.

Please, let’s turn the tide. Governments will not like this. War mongers will not like this. Criminal corporations will not like this. Because we would be taking a stand that we will no longer be manipulated. Unfortunately, we’ve been trained. We’ve been indoctrinated on levels we cannot fathom. Weeding through all the hate and victimhood and manipulation and control takes work. I fear far too many of us will not take up the mantle and change our world. Fear should never stop us. Courage is born of fear. Without fear, there is no courage.

So write naked. Be willing to learn what you truly believe, not what you’ve been told. When you love, let it flow in your words. Hold back nothing. When you feel pain, release it through your naked writing. When you observe atrocity, expose it with truth, naked truth. When you desire to help change a world, understand you must dig deep, find your higher self, and allow that naked self its true voice.


Writing Naked

When love engulfs your heart,
Prisms of joy filter throughout your life.
Untainted light wings you places of peace,
Soars you on winds of change and joy.

When love finds dust,
Hollow dead-ends in broken closets cluttered in memory,
Untouched by renewals of distance,
Light reveals what we often wish not to see.

When love’s light does not get altered,
Words become rote, listless, without passion.
Darkness intrudes because we filter out the light,
Shut down and cover, as if in defense.

When we understand darkness cannot contain light,
We see we must simply redirect.
Love’s light may indeed be blocked rather than welcomed,
But we choose whether to cover or turn.

When our love’s light is accepted by another,
Their refraction appears different from what we sent.
We often work to filter their light to match our vision,
Rather than experiencing their life, their love, their passion, expanding our horizons.

When we scribble our story in the rainbow prisms,
When we accept hues of diversity,
We enrich ourselves. We begin to shine a new song in our heart,
Best written when naked, vulnerable to truth and joy.

Love becomes defined by our vulnerabilities.
Love rises to our highest levels when we recognize this.
When we reach out despite our fears.
When we compose, naked, a new song on our heart,

And share it…