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Question MarkIf I could Change My World…

Ice cream would become a health food
Everyone would know fear as a motivator, not a stop sign
Sweat would turn into audible cheers as it breaks the surface of your skin
Hate groups worldwide calling for death and pain would be served first, quieting our world into dialogue
The healing powers of sleep would invigorate our souls to achievement
Confidence would remain born in every moment
Each lived day would be delivered to our personal libraries as a highlight reel, revealing to ourselves the best of who we are
Sex could only be performed as an act of love
Smiles would become the global currency so that the truly rich would freely share their wealth
The blight of religions worldwide would grow from the fertilizer of their doctrines, a true recognition and enlightenment of their own dark hearts, then some real truths, which would breed  in each converts’ soul the knowledge of their sound and fury, revealing a truer path more appropriately strolled for mankind
Communication would return to a person to person experience instead of device to device

Yet, I do change my world,
I wield no magic wand
No super power
No edict
No force
For I change my world with each breath I draw, each thought I think, each word I speak, each action I take

We all change our world daily
For the following is true…

Ice cream has enhanced my emotional health
At times, Fear has not stopped me – this is a choice…
My sweat has felt like victory
Hate groups will surely one day reap their passions of death and pain, for both arrive to each of us in our time, and those-who-hates’ consummation, over their lifetime, holds little true joy
Waking has delivered motivation and hope and this may be cultivated
Confidence remains merely a thought away for each of us, despite our reticence to exercise this process
What we store in our hearts from our lives determines what we view in the movie house of our memories
Love expressed sexually releases our highest selves – all other pale imitations of sex only taint our souls
The true “One percenters” of this world wear their wealth on their faces and in their hearts and give it away freely, while many often attempt to purchase inner joy, a commodity which cannot be bought
The stench of religion already fills our nostrils – only stepping out of the mind control reveals its rancid decay
Humanity loses its soul to digital distancing minute by minute but we may still learn person by person to communicate with our eyes, our gestures, our tones, our hearts.

I change my world each and every day, as does every single living thing on this planet.
Until we, as human beings, recognize this collectively as individuals, our destruction will surely come

We all die.

What we add to the timeline of our species
Gets defined by the words springing from our hearts and the actions which leap from our personal life interpretations

I change my world daily

So do you.

What does that truly look like?