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The silken cocoon.
Gossamer foils for tired lonely eyes
Searching for love in October skies
Tripping the solitude of my surprise
When I find – My voice is my disguise

I’m jealous of time
Surreal. Unreal.
Backward to days where we should have been
We searched without, when it all lay within
We started too late to ever begin
Never to lose…never to win…

The velvet cloak.
Shields my heart from tattered ideals
Its vehicle runs on absent wheels
Never to say what they truly feel
As life covers more than sentences reveal.

I’m jealous of loss
Imagined. Real.
Those times of ecstasy, thrills and chills
Battles of minds, battles of wills
Where passions pictured in the scrapbooks of stills
Leave nothing for me but hollow ideals

Our only frontier.
We live it, we breathe and yet…
We poke it, we prod it and yet…
We waste it, we lose it and yet…
We learn lessons but find we forget…

I’m jealous of love.
Palpable. Intense.
Riding the storms of daily existence
Doggedly clinging to idealistic persistence
Always crashing into damaged resistance
Will I die without the joy of assistance

With everything we were meant to be…