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Bike ShadowThings Gone, What Endures…?

Bike rides with me and JB
Chasing Dawna and Sally
Too frightened to catch them
Too compelled to not try…

The slamming of wooden screen doors
A sure sign summer approaches
A hook latch which clattered on each closing,
A sight and sound I never knew I’d miss.

Hand-cranked ice cream at church picnics
25 strokes per person
Earning your bowl with muscle
Pleasure from contributing almost as tasty as the treat…

Bottle caps on soft drinks
The pleasant swoosh of escaped carbonation
The metallic clink of the cap hitting the counter
Always searching for that damned opener beforehand…

Dialing a rotary phone
The ZIP! click click click click click
Locked into the proximity of the phone by a cord
Talking on the phone a special privilege

Long distance calls
Where every moment stood precious
$900 phone bills when you’re in love
The gulf between you narrowed by mere sound

A milkman delivering glass bottles of white heaven
An inch of cream on the top
The excitement of delivery almost as thrilling as the taste
A bygone era my children could never fathom

Life with no phones
Road maps crammed into glove boxes
Camping without communication to the outside world
Phones were for home and workplaces, not your every step

45 rpm records stacked on a fat spindle
Dropping sweet tunes as the tone arm always knew where to find them
Delicious sounds of creative genius
Delivered in vinyl disks

Miraculously brave astronauts riding insane explosions
Everyone breathless as the engines roared
Dreams seeded in little writers’ minds…

What endures?
The cacophony of over-communication drowns us
The disconnect from wonder deadens us
The distance we travel from our very souls threatens to destroy us

Planned obsolescence makes our televisions die more quickly
Plastics turned us into a throwaway world
Microsoft always finds ways to fleece us
As does most every major company on earth


Dreams endure
Hope endures
Love endures
Passion endures

Not so odd to me that all these come from within
That which is external to us, does not feed our souls so much
The packaging of our world makes these items tougher to find and maintain
Yet, they do…