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img_0058My Love

My Love caresses like a silken evening breeze
Her voice cascades winsome whispers through my heart
Her eyes sparkle as the glint of sun on golden spires
Her kiss rests gentle in my soul

My love delivers joy in sweet and lovely passions
She spreads happiness into this dark, crumbling world
She stands strong with integrity and class
She loves gentle, she loves peaceful and she loves me

My love lifts me high without effort
She dreams my dreams along with her own
She holds my hand for which I’m forever grateful
She hugs my heart with her dazzling, loving smile

My love gives laughter and light to those around her
That I’m this close brings me to my knees
That we’re in love and ever hand in hand
Amazes me, that life may be this grand

My love caresses like a silken evening breeze
Her love for me is cherished above all words
Her heart and soul too beautiful to fathom
Our lives together my hope, my dream, my all