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a-kiss1I want to fly with you and the eagles
I want to hear your voice every day
I want to kiss you under the midnight moon
I want to kiss you in the brightness of day

I want to hold your hand every evening
I want to hold your gaze every night
I want to feel your heart next to me beating
I want our love to be right

I want to go places we don’t know
I want to see your eyes as they shine
I want to feel the love that you’re feeling
I want to give you all that is mine

You cannot know
You cannot see
You cannot feel
The depth within me

You should always sparkle
You should always shine
You should always feel
Love for all time

I want to sing crazy songs in our bedtime
I want to laugh each day with your heart
I want to give you every moment
I want to remember it all from the start

We always make each day an adventure
We always walk in tune with our lives
We always smile when we lie there kissing
We always know our love has arrived

Why don’t we walk into the great sunset
Why don’t we go to the end of the line
Why don’t we soar our days into the heavens
Why don’t we follow our hearts’ monstrous sign

I knew you were the most perfect woman
The day my eyes caught sight of your face
I knew the moment I felt your aura
Beside you must be the only good place

I give my full life to you so freely
I dedicate my heart and my soul
I desire only your sweet and caring love
Together we make each other whole