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handinhandwiththesunLife Well Met

Fog milk
Dry ice ethereal landscape
Treacherous steps in the midst of invisibility

Grasping at straws
One wrong turn after another
Treacherous liaisons in the din of life

Love can be that way
A fumbling bumbling morass of broken trusts
So many liens placed on the decisions of a fool
Or would that be – a lover

Trust tiptoes the whistling graveyard with two hands clasped
Trust knows sight does not manifest in the eyes, it only begins there
Trust keeps love growing stronger, more vibrant, more beautiful each day
Trust is the whisper which pulls together and embodies the embrace of love

Discovery of that one safe place for your love
Dream lover, kindred spirit, life mate, two as one
We stroll the misted earth blind, ignorant
We hope against all evidence to fuse our soul with another

All the stabs in the dark, the gambles, the perseverances
All the pain, heartache, loneliness, despair
All the slings and arrows and lies and disappointments
Culminate in one desire – to love and be loved

When that love materializes
When that love overtakes your senses
When that love maintains itself through the years – a lifetime
Then one may stake claim to a life well met

Ah, Calliope and her sisters cannot describe love as such at its zenith
They may merely scratch and claw as wordless monkeys
Uttering sounds that faintly mimic love’s deep passions
As my words and noises attempt to convey my heart, my love, my adoration

In my time, my life truly finds itself well met in love with you